Back to school tips

17 January 2017
It’s that time of year again – if you have school age kids, it’s important to start thinking about the first day of school to make it organised and stress free. Here’s a few tips from the MedicAlert t
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MedicAlert Foundation asks, 'what would you do if?'

01 March 2016
You’re enjoying after work drinks with work colleagues when suddenly the new team member you’re speaking with “zones out”, turns pale, begins acting strangely, their limbs begin to twitch and
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MedicAlert Foundation and Heart Foundation join in fundraising partnership

06 November 2015
Australia’s MedicAlert Foundation has partnered with the Heart Foundation to raise funds to fight cardiovascular disease, one of the most common causes of death in Australia, killing one Australian
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Tunstall and MedicAlert partnership connecting care service for clients

01 July 2015
Tunstall Healthcare and the MedicAlert Foundation are proud to announce an exciting new partnership which will seek to benefit some of Australia's most vulnerable residents around the country.
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Heidi Jones announced as new Chief Executive Officer

28 November 2014
Australia Medic Alert Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Heidi Jones as Chief Executive Officer of the national not-for-profit organisation.
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9 October 2013
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12 August 2014