MedicAlert and NDIS participants can receive the following covered by the NDIA:

Medical ID
Medical ID
Medical ID
Medical ID

Everyday medical ID + 1 year membership + postage = MedicAlert Protection is covered in your NDIS Plan

If you have any queries regarding the MedicAlert and their NDIS provider status, please email us at

Important information

If you are about to develop your first plan or revise a current plan, please do not hesitate to contact us for tips on how to have MedicAlert membership and an everyday medical ID covered in your NDIS plan.

Please note - MedicAlert Foundation is currently approved under the Capital support section of Assistive Technology for Communication and Information Equipment, Personal Care and Safety categories. We are in the process of registering under a range of additional categories. We will keep our members updated on these new categories once approved. It's important to remember that the NDIS will assess your personal and unique circumstances and determine what's reasonable and necessary when assessing your funding requirements.

Safe Return for NDIS members

Are you, or your loved ones, a member of Autism SA or Autism Association of Western Australia? MedicAlert Foundation offers a 24 hour Safe Return service, which is also covered by the NDIS. This ensures individuals on the autism spectrum can return safely to their loved ones in an emergency. Learn more about our Safe Return program.

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