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Looking for the most trusted and recognised medical and identification jewellery system available in Australia? Then the genuine MedicAlert emblem is for you!

By joining the MedicAlert Foundation, you will join almost 300,000 other members who have recognised the benefits of membership since we were introduced to Australia in 1971. You will be able to purchase our medical identification emblem attached to a bracelet, chain, bangle, necklet or sportsband – we have an option for everyone – young or old. Our emblems come in a range of options including stainless steel, sterling silver, gold-filled and gold - so there is something for every occasion.


The MedicAlert emblem is custom engraved with the wearer’s main medical condition(s) and/or vital details, a personal identification number and a 24/7 hotline number. This number is for emergency services and healthcare professionals to call to access your important information held on file in an emergency, no matter where in the world you are!

If you or a loved one has a medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, allergy / allergies, intolerance, heart problems, epilepsy, memory loss, transplant, hearing / visual impairment, on special medications, or just require identification in an emergency, then MedicAlert membership is your best option. For a more comprehensive list of medical conditions the MedicAlert medical ID is suitable for, click here.

The Australia Medic Alert Foundation is a membership-based organisation, that has been helping protect Australians for over 40 years and continues to provide premium medical identification options for people of all ages. Our Australian-made range of premium emblems are stylish, durable and suited to people of all ages and lifestyles. As a not-for-profit Foundation, we continually strive to provide the best range of emblems and services to our members at all times.

When it’s important in an emergency to have medical information available quickly, MedicAlert membership allows immediate access to medical information as your individual medical and identification needs are engraved on the back of the genuine MedicAlert emblem. To learn more about how the MedicAlert emblem protects, click here.

It’s very important your emblem is easily recognisable, and the genuine MedicAlert emblem is recognised in many countries around the world, giving you extra peace of mind when you travel. The Rod of Asclepius combined with words ‘Medic’ and ‘Alert’, provides a ‘flag’ to medical professionals so they are aware the person wearing the emblem has a medical condition which may impact their treatment in an emergency.

MedicAlert Foundation regularly communicates with emergency and healthcare professionals across Australia and provides educational information to those that request it. Ambulance officers are trained to look around the neck and on the wrist for medical information and that’s why you will only find MedicAlert emblems to be worn on these two parts of the body.

Don’t be confused by gimics and imitation products. Having your medical information on your key ring, bike helmet or around your ankle, for example, will not necessarily help you in an emergency as it could be easily missed or overlooked. What happens if you lend your keys to someone else? To learn why you should choose to become a MedicAlert member, click here.

Our members have the freedom to live their lives to the fullest, knowing their important medical information is available in an emergency if they can't speak for themselves. Wherever you go – MedicAlert membership provides... peace of mind, always. Learn about the benefits of membership or join now.

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Latest News

10 March 2014

The month-long partnership with Epilepsy Australia that will see five dollars from every purple coloured MedicAlert medical ID sold during March donated to the organisation dedicated to helping Australians living with epilepsy, has started very positively.

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